Yummy breakfast ideas your kids will love.

Frenzy Free Breakfast Ideas for Kids

This post about having #FlipTopFrenzyFree mornings is sponsored by Domino Sugar. I was compensated to share my breakfast tips with you.

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Frequently I’ll get an email with a question about food. It’s not the kind of question that I would consider myself to be knowledgeable about. Parents ask me for quick and easy ideas for food for their families. Generally I respond with, “Good question!” because it really is a good question. It’s a question I’m not really an expert on but like most of you I’m trying. Now, ask me where kids eat free or where the best places are to take kids during restaurant week, I’ve got the answer. When it i serve three meals.jpgcomes to preparing food at home, I have this sign that hung above my kitchen sink for years, “I serve three meals… 1. Frozen 2. Microwave 3. Take-Out.”

That’s me.

One meal that I struggle with coming up with fresh ideas so I’m not making the same old same old is breakfast. I think I’ve asked every friend I have, “What do you give your kids for breakfast?” The list? Smoothie, pancakes, waffles, Pop Tarts, Nutrigrain bars, sausage, breakfast corn dogs, eggs, muffins. My kids will eat about ½ of these things. And of ½ of those, they’ll still be hungry or get hungry pretty quickly.

When Domino Sugar (<– valuable coupon available here) introduced their desire to help parents have a “Frenzy Free Morning” with their quick dissolve sugar in the new flip top canister, I was so excited to start working on some breakfast ideas that would be fun for my kids, new in our “breakfast rotation” and special.

I’m not a “cooker” as my daughter says, but I am a “crocker.” If it CAN be made in the crockpot, I will likely put it there instead of the oven. So, the first thing I made was Oatmeal in the Crockpot using the Domino Pourable Light Brown Sugar. I borrowed the idea from my friends Cris and Lou. I let my daughters help me prepare it at night by letting them put the ingredients in.apple cinnamon oatmeal

French toast is another fun breakfast item in our house and while it’s not that hard to make, I’d rather make it in the crockpot. You can prepare it the night before and then about 4 hours before you need it, dump it into the crockpot and wake up to the wonderful fragrance of cinnamon and brown sugar. This accompanies our beloved turkey sausage links or bacon very well!

monkey bread

A traditional Christmas morning breakfast in my husband’s family is Monkey Bread, you know, the pull apart bread? Well, if I made the typical large size for our family, it would be gone very quickly. Instead I tried making the single serve version in muffin tins. The Domino Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar and the light brown sugar were perfect for this recipe. It took me about 30 minutes start to table but it was worth it!

The last time my parents were here, my mom told me she was impressed with my ability to just throw things together and make something tasty. I didn’t realize that this was a skill I had, mostly it’s just survival around here…I didn’t have time to grocery shop this week, what’s in the fridge. Oh! It’s 5 o’clock, what’s for dinner?–What’s in the pantry?

Frenzy Free Mornings? Check.
Delicious, nutritious lunches? Coming soon.
A variety of family dinners around the table? Maybe someday.

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I was selected to share my honest and true thoughts, opinions and stories with you for this Domino Sugar campaign through the Mom it Forward Community. I am being compensated for my time and for the materials used in the creation of this article.


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