As if the Frozen 2 movie wasn’t a good enough end to 2019, Disney Movies is doing it again, they’re rolling out a Frozen 2 Sing Along movie in theaters this Friday, January 17!

Frozen 2 Sing-Along Movie in Indianapolis

The sing along version of Disney movies is where everyone in the theater is encouraged to actually sing along, OUT LOUD to the songs in the movie! In fact, in this version of the film, the words are displayed along the bottom of the screen with a dancing snowflake to keep your timing. Scroll to the bottom to see a preview of one of the sing along sections. You can buy the sing-along version of the first Frozen movie.

Many fans will be dressed up in their best Frozen costume attire, but it’s not mandatory, of course. But singing is pretty much expected from everyone there. The best part is that with the Martin Luther King Jr. day of remembrance/holiday, you’ll have a whole extra day to squeeze this fun activity in to your weekend!

We’ve found a lot of theaters showing the Frozen 2 Sing Along, let us know if we left your favorite theater off the list!

In Indianapolis, the Frozen 2 Sing Along will show at Eastside 10 IMAX, AMC Indianapolis 17, AMC Washington Square 12, AMC Perry Crossing and Studio Movie Grill ( )

The Hamilton 16 IMAX will show the Frozen 2 Sing Along and it will also play at the Lebanon 7.

Brownsburg will show the Frozen 2 Sing Along at Brownsburg 8 GDX. See the Frozen 2 Sing Along in Moorseville at the Showtime Cinema. You can also see it at the AMC Classic Crawfordsville and AMC Classic Terre Haute.

Bloomington families can see the Frozen 2 Sing Along at the AMC Classic Bloomington and in Columbus at the AMC Classic Columbus 12.

Sing Along at the Legacy Cinema in Greenfield.

My kids can’t wait for this amazing theater event, we loved it when the first movie came out but now the kids are really old enough to sing along and enjoy it more!