Fueling Up Is So Important for Our Kids

climbing a cushion mountainWe lead a VERY busy life, a very active life — it’s not often that you’ll find us at home. When we are at home we try to play in the backyard, dance around the living room, go pretend rock climbing on the stairs, swing on the porch, water the flowers, pick veggies or any assortment of fun things. All of this activity keeps my kids exercising, but it also keeps them HUNGRY.fuel up

As a mom, it seems like my schedule revolves around food; when can I find time to go grocery shopping? What are we eating for dinner tonight? What snacks do I have in the car for the kids? Did I pack lunches for daycare or preschool? Do we have time for breakfast at the table or will it be on the go? Can we make it home in time for lunch or should we stop for lunch out?dancing with grandpa at a wedding

Feeding my kids is so important and so feeding them well is important to me too. I panic if they aren’t getting enough protein, eating enough veggies, eating too many carbs, not drinking enough milk. They need a balanced diet of good things in order to be fueled up for all of the fun and adventures we have everyday.

The American Dairy Association has teamed up with our very own Colts to help kids here in Indiana to get excited about eating fruits and veggies, drinking milk and exercising at least 60 minutes each day — when you are a kid, the simple enjoyable act of playing is great exercise too!

The Fuel up to Play 60 program has funded nutrition and physical education playing on the beach at lake monroeimprovements at local schools as well as school breakfasts, which help students be better learners in the classroom. Fuel up to Play 60 functions as a club on campuses and allows students to take control of their health and use their leadership skills. Indiana school kids learn about healthy eating and exercise from people like Colts running back Donald Brown, Colts mascot Blue, Colts coach Chuck Pagano, and the Colts cheerleaders in energetic school assemblies, video announcements and posters.

Getting kids to take responsibility for making their own healthy choices is important, it’s the best way to ensure it’s a lifelong skill. Fuel up to Play 60 is helping kids do that. Students, Educators, Parents and other supporters of young people can visit the Fuel up to Play 60 website for more information on getting involved.

While I still have some control over what makes it to my kids plates, I’m lulu and a cow at kelsay farmsworking with them on making healthy choices and working on my own decision in order to be a good example. We’re fueling up as a family and exercising together too!

Indiana Dairy AmbassadorThank you to Indiana Dairy for sponsoring this article and for their support of Indy with Kids.

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