Fun Food at the Indiana State Fair

double barrel burger donut indiana state fair

Double Barrel Burger

Think a Big Mac with three donuts, bacon, cheese, two hamburger patties topped with mac and cheese.





mac and cheese nachos indiana state fair food

Mac and Cheese Nachos

Traditional nachos topped with macaroni and cheese and bacon.





peanut butter milkshake dairy bar american association indiana state fair food

Peanut Butter Milkshake

The milkshake of the year at the Dairy Bar is the Peanut Butter Shake.




indiana state fair dairy bar smokin hot rye cheese indiana state fair

Smokin’ Hot on Rye Bread

Sriracha Jack Cheese and a medium aged smoked cheddar on Rye



funnel cake burger indiana state fair food

Funnel Cake Burger

A beef patty with all of the fixings served between two hot funnel cakes.


beef sundae indiana state fair food

Hot Beef Sundae

Pot Roast topped with mashed potatoes and gravy with sprinkles of corn.


athens greek sparta fries indiana state fair food


Athens Sparta Fries

French fries seasoned with Greek dressing and spices topped with Feta cheese, accompanied by pepperoncini and a Greek olive.

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