Gender Reveal Party – Watch LIVE!


Click here for the live feed.

Some friends of mine are throwing a Gender Reveal Party for us on Sunday night at 5pm. We’ll start live streaming on or around 5:30pm EST if you are interested in tuning in! Jay and I have no idea what the gender of baby #3 is and we’re going to find out at the same time as all (most) of our friends. Yes, it’s true, only 5 people in this whole wide world KNOW if baby #3 is a he or she!

This is your formal invite to be a part of our reveal! You already are such a big part of our lives and so many of you have gotten to know our family though the Indy with Kids community, you might as well be a part of our family as it grows!

See you Sunday online! The link will be posted right here.

Click here for the live feed.

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