Gixo: Join in on live workouts from home

We’re proud to partner with Gixo and bring the good news that busy moms and dads can workout without leaving their home!

I know that I need to make movement a part of my everyday. Ever since I started having children, my output has not paired well with my input. Meaning, I’m eating more calories than I’m burning. We used to be members of a gym and someday soon I’d really like to do that again, but right now, at this moment, I need to find a way to sneak fitness and physical activity into my day around nap time, potty training and the school drop-off line.

Right now I’m loving Gixo. It’s an app that gives me access to live workouts almost all day long. From 15 minute Total Core workouts to 40 minute Total Body Strength Classes, Gixo has it all. They even have a 5K Walk or Run group that takes off several times per day.

When you open up the Gixo app (Try it free right now for 7 days), you can select classes and sign up for them. You’ll get a text reminder before the class begins and then you get started by opening up the app. When the class starts, the coach will be live on your screen and greet the participants. You can decide if you want your camera to be on or off, if it’s on, the coach can see you and give you pointers

Come join me for Fit Camp Express. Fitcamp is a Gixo’s new group workout program that started in September and due to its success is offered again in October in an Express format for busy holiday schedules. Each Fitcamp group will join live 25-min classes in the app at the same time of day, 4 days a week (M-Thu) for 3 weeks in September. Fitcamp starts Oct 8 and ends Oct 25. Join in anytime, it’s included in your Gixo membership.

Fitcamp is different from a traditional bootcamp. People can take the classes at home, it’s included in the already-low cost of a Gixo membership ($14.99/mo), and it’s more accessible to people of different fitness levels.

  • Starts Mon, Oct 8 and ends Thu, Oct 25
  • 4 days per week: M – Th @ 3:30 am, 4:30 am, 6:30 am, 10 am, 12:00 pm, 5:15 pm, or 7:00 pm PST
  • 25-minute classes that can be done without any equipment: Tone, Burn, Sweat, Recover

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