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The Indiana State Fair is a beloved tradition that brings so many people together each summer. You could go multiple days and still not see and do everything there is to enjoy there. With each visit we take to the State Fair, we always make sure to prioritize a visit to The Glass Barn. It is an interactive and educational center for kids and parents alike! Want to here more? Below are 15 reasons you need to visit the Glass Barn.

The Glass Barn is Free for Families

The Glass Barn is a free exhibit where you can learn about agriculture, farming, and how your food is grown and processed. All of the activities inside are free, and there are fun prizes offered daily, such as a free Glass Barn Hat and $25 Dairy Bar gift cards!

Snap a Family Photo at PictureU

When you head to the Glass Barn, you will find lots of fun activities to engage your kids. The photo booth is a great reason to visit! Pick your backdrop, and take a fun family photo to capture your trip to the Fair. There is a computer available for you to input your information, and get a digital copy free of charge sent to your email. We love taking pictures and selecting different backdrops on the green screen!

Check Out the Combine Simulator

Have you wanted to connect your kids with their food on a personal level? I know it can be hard to teach our kids about all of the work that goes into the food we eat and love at the store. The Indiana Soybean Alliance has brought a brand new exhibit to the Glass Barn. This virtual reality simulator will immerse you in the soybean field, where your child can experience the process of harvesting crops. This is the closest thing you’ll find to sitting on a real combine!

Go Shopping at uEAT

This interactive activity allows your child to go shopping, and learn about different products that you could expect to find at the store that include soybeans. This is a great way to see how versatile and useful the soybean really is, in a fun and hands-on experience. Connect with farmers virtually on an interactive tablet at the checkout counter.

Video Chat With Farmers

This experience is such a unique way to learn about farming. Multiple farming families will be featured to give personal experience about what it’s like to live on a real life working farm. This event happens multiple times throughout the day, and offers families the opportunity to have a live question and answer session over video chat with local Indiana farmers.

Play at the Farming Simulator

This activity is a popular section of the Glass Barn. Here you will find multiple simulations that allow your children to engage with different aspects of farming, and learn what it is like to work on a farm.

Get Your Trucker Hat with Beango

Do you want to win a fun hat? Each year the Glass Barn has a game called BeanGo. This is an interactive way to learn about all there is to see in the Glass Barn. You are given a card with a checklist of things to do, and when you’re done, you turn it in for your brand new hat! New this year is a kids version of BeanGo, that will allow the little ones to be a part of the fun.

Visit the Fun Statues Outside

In front of the Glass Barn is a super cute soybean man statue that my kids absolutely love! There are multiple photo opportunities outside the glass barn as you enter. The chicken statue is also a family favorite. The Glass Barn takes every opportunity to make learning fun, and have added fun fact signs with the statues to learn as you go.

Visit the weGROW Theater

The weGROW Theater is the area where you will be able to chat with the farming families. However, they also offer video tours of farming, as well as educational videos explaining what it’s like to be a farmer. There is convenient seating in the theater, to take a quick break while still learning!

Play the uFarm Game

This hands-on farming game is very popular, and for good reason. In this game, up to four people compete to see who can grow the most food. It challenges your mental skills, and your ability to problem solve, while still playing and having fun. This is a great spot for some lighthearted family competition.

Learn about Indiana’s Rich Farming History

Several farming families in Indiana are highlighted inside the Glass Barn. You will have the opportunity to connect with local farming families and learn about the history behind their farms, and what they are growing and producing. You can also find interesting information about the evolution of farming technology- where we started, and what we use today.


Visit the Gardens Outside the Glass Barn

The design of the Glass Barn building is  unique, and will immediately catch your eye. The seven different peaks in the roof were developed so that rainfall naturally is distributed amongst the garden surrounding the building. You can walk around and admire a garden that waters itself!

Explore Careers in Agriculture

The Glass Barn is looking to inspire the next generation of farmers, and there are many ways to get involved. You can learn about the different opportunities in the agricultural field and what type of career path may be interesting for your child.

Care for Crops

There is an interactive learning station available where you can identify and resolve problems with soybean crops. You can spray them, weed them, remove bugs, and more. This allows your child the opportunity to connect with the process of growing crops, and all of the hard work farmers put into it.

Learn About Different Types of Farming

The soybean crop is a prominent part of the Glass Barn, but there are many other opportunities to learn about different types of farming, such as animal farming. You can learn about hogs, chickens, and more in this interactive exhibit. In addition, the live farmer chats often include dairy farmers and hog farmers.

As you can see, the Glass Barn is packed full of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy together. This unique exhibit is a must do on your trip to the Indiana State Fair. The fair runs from Wednesday-Sunday each week, July 30-August 22. Check out our tips for other Free Things to do at the State Fair.

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