Almost once a week Lulu and I have the opportunity to meet up with friends for lunch. We really enjoy trying new places but occasionally we go back to a place that we really enjoy. One of those places is Good Morning Mama’s Café. GMM’s is the sister restaurant to Mama Carolla’s Italian Restaurant.

Good Morning Mama’s has wonderful food, quick service, the most friendly staff and SUPER clean bathrooms with a REAL baby changing table. This is a family restaurant in all aspects of the word. The bright colors, 60’s inspired décor, wall paintings and ceiling hangings all make this a visually appealing place for both Lulu and me. Oh, and I totally recommend the french toast.

The menu prices are fair and the options go from a Mimosa to a Spam Omelet. Check out Mama’s today! Located at: 1001 E 54th street, Indianapolis, IN 46220

(Disclaimer: I’ve purchased my own lunch every single time I’ve visited. This time I brought Lulu’s lunch: apple puffs, homemade baby minestrone, blueberries and water. So, this is an honest, heartfelt review of GMM’s.)