Sometimes hurt and sadness are the only things I can SEE, but please know that I always FEEL your love.

Good Stuff: The Good People Who Love Us in Grief

If you don’t personally know me (like IN PERSON, personally know me), then you probably read my blog and think that there is so much in my life that is loveforshaundi shaundi katy mann family photobad. You probably think that if there is any good that I don’t see it.

I do see it. I do feel it. I’m living it. I’m getting through BECAUSE of it.

I hate making thank you lists because inevitably I will forget someone. Inevitably I don’t know even HALF of what has been done for our family, for the prayers said, the thoughts thought and the goodness delivered. Thank you to everyone and thank you to those I have yet to mention or have yet to know about. It was not intentional. Even when I hurt and I’m sad, please know that I am FOREVER thankful. The hurt and the sadness are so strong that sometimes they are the only thing I can SEE, but please know that I always FEEL your photo loveforshaundi shaundi mann

Thank you to the emergency personnel who helped on the phone, in our home, on the way to the hospital and at the hospital. Thank you to the highly skilled doctors and nurses and specialists and everyone who has a role big or small at Riley Hospital. Thank you to our family and friends who were present in person and on standby by phone and text. Thank you to my friends who took care of my children while we were at the hospital. Thank you to the Cheer Guild for appeasing my children with toys and gifts. Thank you to the coroner for taking good care of the body of my baby girl.

Thank you to our pastors for everything. Thank you to Cindy Johnson for your kind services to our family once again. Thank you to the internet, to the indianapolis bloggers indy geek girls loveforshaundibloggers, to the friends, to the strangers. Thank you to the over 400 people who gave towards medical bills, funeral expenses, family needs and memorial gifts. Thank you to my readers who left comments and prayers. Thank you to all of our churches and many other churches for their love and support and care and services. Thank you to Wilson St. Pierre for the care you provided to our beautiful baby and the care and services your provide to other families in our community.

Thank you to our many friends and family who dropped EVERYTHING in their own lives to come to the aid of our family in so many ways. Thank you to the Freemasons and our friends for the balloons and all that went with it. Thank you to all who made cookies, served cookies, made juice and served loveforshaundi shaundi mann indy with kids balloonjuice, made a meal for our family and served it. Thank you to our musicians who provided their services. Thank you to Casey and Shireen and Cindy for your photographs. Thank you to everyone for their instagrams. Thank you to all who attended to send our sweet girl on her way. Thank you to the friends new and old who have fed us and continue to do so. Thank you to friends and strangers for shopping for us. Thank you to friends and strangers for your cards and encouragement.

There is more to our story of thankfulness. There are forgotten parts to our story of thankfulness — my brain has forgotten but my heart has not. Thank you.

Thank you to each of you as you are a witness to or part of our story as it continues to unfold.

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