Grand Junction Funktion Silly Homemade Derby Car Race

Grand Junction Funktion Silly Homemade Derby Car Race

This is such a cool event! Have you ever been to a parade and thought, “This would be really cool if it was a race!” or attended a Pinewood Derby and thought, “If only these cars were bigger and had people in them?”

The Downtown Westfield Association has the answer to those thoughts: The 4th Annual Grand Junction Funktion is a fun and wild derby car race where homemade cards speed down the street while you cheer on. WAIT, YOU can enter too! See the website for details! This is a serious DON’T MISS IT event! It’s free too!

There will be food and beverages for sale and plenty of entertainment for the whole family. Grand Junction Funktion takes place on Saturday, September 29th from 2pm-8pm.

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