First Day of School Brings COVID to Junior High in Greenfield

After a spring break that never ended, this week marked the return to school for several central Indiana schools and the first day of school for Washington Township Schools where virtual learning was how 100% of the students started the year. However, much like schools in other Indianapolis “donut counties,” Greenfield Community Schools returned in person for instruction. With a very detailed reopening plan that has protocol for numerous scenarios, many families opted for a return to school for in-person learning.

Teachers, students and parents shared a mix of emotions about the return and unfortunately, the Greenfield Central Schools reentry plan and Positive COVID Test Protocol had an opportunity to be put in to place on the evening of the first day of school (Thursday, July 30).

We received a copy of an email that was sent to parents of Junior High students:

GCJHS Parents:

Earlier this afternoon, the Hancock County Health Department notified us that a junior high school student, who attended part of the school day, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Since becoming aware of the positive result, we have enacted our Positive COVID-19 Test Protocol which includes the following steps.

  • The student was immediately isolated in the identified area within the junior high clinic.
  • School personnel have collected the students schedule, including transportation and extra-curricular activities, to determine which students or staff would be considered a close contact. (As a reminder, the CDC defines a close contact as any person who is within 6 feet of an infected person for more than 15 minutes regardless of the use of cloth face covering.)
  • If you do not receive a phone call (at the phone number listed in PowerSchool) from the Hancock County Health Department or a Greenfield-Central Nurse this evening, your child was not identified as a close contact.
  • As noted in our reentry plan, all areas of all schools will be disinfected professionally each evening. Special attention will be given to areas and classrooms that the student occupied.

COVID Positive Response for Greenfield Central Community School Corporation

GCCSC will consult with the department of health. Rooms in which a positive case occurred will be closed immediately for extensive cleaning. A school may be closed if close contacts cannot be identified.

Virus Containment Efforts for Greenfield-Central

“Greenfield-Central will put measures in place to contain any confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 among students or staff. Students/staff will be excluded from school if they test positive for COVID-19 and they will be excluded if they exhibit the symptoms of COVID-19. If, during the course of the day, a student or staff member becomes symptomatic or is identified as a direct contact to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, the student or staff member will be placed in isolation until they can leave the building. Students/staff will be required to wear a cloth face covering while in isolation. Parents should develop plans to pick their child up from school as quickly as possible if the school needs to send the student home early. Procedures will be developed for communicating to school staff and parents if they have been identified as a direct contact to a known positive COVID-19 case. Custodial and transportation staff will deep clean/disinfect the building, buses, furnishings, and equipment prior to the return of any student/staff member. Each of the Greenfield-Central Schools will be professionally cleaned and disinfected each night.” Full plan available online.

5 thoughts on “First Day of School Brings COVID to Junior High in Greenfield”

      1. I reread it after reading your comment and I still do not see when or why the child was tested. I HOPE he was part of some random sample. If on the other hand he was tested due to exposure or exhibiting symptoms, well, not cool.

        1. Michael Travis

          ” …the Hancock County Health Department notified us that a junior high school student, who attended part of the school day, has tested positive for COVID-19.” Since it was the first day of school, my guess is that the child had been tested some previous day for some other reason, hadn’t got the results yet, but was sent to school anyway. Then that day the test came back. I could be wrong, but that seems like what is going on here.

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