Guilt-Free Indulgences for the Expectant Mama

For the mom-to-be, there are many things that you are asked to refrain from partaking in while pregnant, and for very good reason. As an expectant mom myself currently, one of the items I miss the most is cookie dough due to the risk of salmonella poisoning! Companies have recognized that pregnant mothers still want to indulge themselves a bit while expecting, and so have created delightful alternatives, such as organic bath bombs, all-natural, non-alcoholic sparkling beverages, sugar-free candy, gluten-free brownies and egg-free cookie dough!

Here are some indulgences I shared on IndyStyle for expectant moms in Indianapolis.

Delightful Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage – 9MonthsSparklings

Created by a Mom, 9Months Sparklings are beverages for mothers-to-be who can pop the cork while they, themselves, are waiting to pop! Made from the finest Australian grapes, 9Months undergoes a unique process that prevents fermentation while preserving the fresh natural grape flavor and goodness. 9Months Sparkling Red and Sparkling White “wines” are 100 percent natural with no added sugar, no artificial coloring or flavoring, and are gluten free. For every bottle purchased, a portion of proceeds goes directly to the March of Dimes. Building in this charity component became a priority when Carrie lost her first daughter at 39 weeks.

Deliciously Safe Edible Cookie Dough – Edoughble

This delectable treat is for those moms who love cookie dough more than the baked cookies, but due to pregnancy, cannot consume raw eggs! Packaged in individual cartons for enjoymentat its’ most delectable, cookie dough has never been so enticing! No baking required – just dig in! Year-round flavors include Chocolate Chip off the Ol’ Block, Cookies N’ Dream, Cravin’ Oatmeal Raisin, Nuts for Chocolate, Birthday Bash, S’More Please, Strawberry Jammin’, and Nutty Monkey (Gluten-Free and Vegan). Seasonal flavors are available, as well. All cookie dough is made fresh to order.

Sugar-Free Candy – Ice Chips

Candy without the sugar…and guilt! For pregnant mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes, avoiding sugar is a must. Ice Chips® offer a delicious, all-natural and sugar-free candy in an exciting array of flavors that will satisfy cravings without worry of spiking blood sugar levels! Place a tin in your purse, diaper bag, or backpack for refreshment anytime. Made with xylitol and safe for the expectant mom, recent studies have found a link between consuming Xylitol during pregnancy and stronger teeth in infants. Ice Chips® are available in 20 tantalizing flavors, such as Pumpkin Spice, Strawberry Daiquiri, Ginger, Peppermint, Cinnamon or Sour Apple.


Gooey Gluten Free Scrumptious Brownies


The expectant mom with gluten sensitivities will appreciate these blissful brownie bites! Scrumptious Brownies are tiny, bite-sized brownies that are too good to resist! Just like brownies you would make yourself, with real butter, pure vanilla and 100% pure cocoa, packaged beautifully for gift-giving to the newly pregnant mom. Scrumptious Brownies now offers a Gooey Gluten Free version, which people say is the best gluten-free brownie that they have ever had. Whatever the occasion, Scrumptious Brownies ships fresh to the recipient, gift-wrapped with a hand-written note. Choose from four sizes, including The Brownie Jar, The Box of 3, The Box of 4, and The Big Jar (which includes 7 dozen bites plus napkins and tongs). YUM!


Fresh Farm Fizzies: Organic Egg Bombs – Buckaroo Organics


Let mama relax! These handcrafted organic bath bombs are a major hit with the mom-to-be. The 100% natural Egg Bombs are made to add nourishment to delicate skin with a relaxing aroma. A true family favorite! Contains 6 Bath Bombs packaged in a cute egg carton made from 100% recycled paper. $17.95.


Bathe in Clean, Filtered Water – Aquasana Shower Filter

Every expecting Mama deserves to look and feel her best! Your skin is the largest organ so treat it with respect and shower in the healthiest water possible. The Aquasana Shower Filter gets rid of chlorine and contaminants in tap water. The shower filter comes with a shower head or a luxurious wand which will come in handy after she has her precious baby making it easy to fill baby’s bathtub with clean, healthy water. Every expecting woman should pamper her body with only the best water that won’t damage her hair and skin. Aquasana products are sold in retailers nationwide and at

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