Hamilton Southeastern Schools Vote Hybrid Return for All Grades

In early July, HSE schools were on track to start the school year in person. However, a few days later, they announced that they would begin the school year 100% virtual for all grades.

After two weeks of virtual learning, the Hamilton Southeastern Schools Board of School Trustees voted to on a hybrid return to school for grades K-4. Students are expected to return on Labor day with a 50% in person and 50% virtual schedule. This plan allows for 50% of the student population to be on campus at one time, making it much easier to social distance.

On September 3rd, the HSE Board of School Trustees voted, four to three to open schools in a hybrid capacity for grades 5-12.

This recommendation came from Hamilton Southeastern Schools Superintendent Dr. Allen Bourff. “We are anxious to get our students back in school and this is the next phase of our Operations Plan,” said Superintendent Dr. Allen Bourff.

Students in grades 5-12 will begin on-site learning at 50 percent capacity on Thursday, September 17. Like elementary students, grades 5-12 will be divided alphabetically to attend school on-site and virtually. A virtual-only option is available to any student whose parents elect to keep them at home.

More information will be available to parents and guardians on Friday.

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