With all of the Christmas hoopla in Indianapolis, often we don’t think about other traditions and celebrations going on at the same time of year. Our family tries really hard to teach our children about traditions other than our own so when Ellen Zimmerman, creator of Jewish Holidays in a Box contacted me to see if I’d be interested in sharing her celebrations made simple kits, I was so excited! After using the Hanukkah Games Box with my two and half year old, I couldn’t wait to share with all of you!

Lulu and Jay and I started off by coloring in the letters the create our own Hanukkah banner. We cut out the letters and strung them on the included blue ribbon and then hung them from our curtain rod. This activity was great because Lulu is starting to recognize letters and she really enjoyed coloring the letters and seeing them hung on the banner.

Next we counted out some M&M’s and played the dreidel game. There were eight colorful dreidels included in the games kit and a full color, laminated card with instructions that were quick and easy to reference during the game. Lulu had some trouble spinning the dreidel but Jay and I helped her. I bet by next year she’ll be great at it! Oh, I won all of the chocolate!

Lulu’s favorite was the Hanukkah Bingo Game. There were four full color laminated bingo cards and laminated cards to cut out for calling out the symbols. The quick reference card gave a description and history of the symbol. I loved that the bingo cards were pictures, not words and numbers. This made it a really fun game that’s perfect for the younger ones. When Lulu caught on (quickly) she was so thrilled if she had a match on her card.

Also included in this particular kit is a Menorah cut-and-color activity. We plan on using this on December 8th, the first night of Hanukkah. I love that I can just pack everything back into the box and use it year after year! What a fun tradition we’ve begun at our house!

You can order your very own Hanukkah Games Box for $20 on the Jewish Holidays in a Box website. I would also recommend the Hanukkah Helper Box which includes a tin menorah, box of candles, chocolate gelt, dreidels, recipes for latkes and edible dreidels, Hanukkah Libs fill-in-the-blank stories and more! This would make a great kit for a classroom and I’ll be using it at church with the youth group!


I was not compensated to share the Jewish Holidays in a Box with you but our family did receive our kit as a gift. All thoughts, opinions and stories are true and are my own! Enjoy!