Updated for 2018

Have you registered for any Easter Egg Hunts yet? Not all of them require registration but a few do. What about your calendar? Have your kids picked their favorite? Last year we selected our top three and signed up for the one that required registration and then this happened:

Easter Egg Drop in Westfield at Oak Trace Elementary School – over 12,000 plastic Easter eggs will be dropped from a helicopter!


I didn’t care at all about Lulu finding the eggs! I want to see the colorful plastic treats fall from the sky! My favorite memory from last Easter is when we drove up to an Easter egg hunt and the fields were just speckled with a rainbow of pastel eggs! It was so beautiful! And now this helicopter drop. It sounds cool, right?

This year, the Helicopter Easter Egg Drop/Hunt will take place on Saturday, March 24th and it is FREE! Children who are registered for the event will be a part of one of three age-specific Easter egg hunts and then redeem their eggs for candy at the candy redemption areas. More details soon but you must pre-register your children online. Watch the Indy with Kids Facebook page for registration reminders!