Home Depot Kids Workshop Canceled Due to Coronavirus

There’s nothing on the website and there’s nothing on their social media, however, Home Depot is the latest organization to cancel events in the wake of the spreading Coronavirus. On Saturday, March 7, families who are registered for the Home Depot Kids Workshop will arrive at their local Home Depot store and find that the Kids Workshop has been canceled. Instead, the kits to create the craft for this month will be on a table for families to take home.

Home Depot has canceled their Kids Workshop events nationwide as well as in Canada. Reportedly, this is to help curb the spread of Coronavirus. Of course, there isn’t a business out there that wants to be known as the place where someone contracted the illness, so we’re seeing some events canceled and businesses close for a short time so they can’t be the epicenter for a community outbreak.

Please be sure to call ahead for all activities and events for the next few weeks, as we’re seeing many cancelations due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus. We’ll do our best to keep you updated, but ultimately, we need your help. Thank you and wash your hands!

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