Is your home ready to be a place of comfort and safety for your guests of all ages?

Home for the Holidays: 6 Safety Tips to Prepare for Guests

home for the holidays safety tips

6 Safety Tips to Prepare for Holiday Guests

{This article on holiday safety tips is brought to you by a partnership with Home Safe Homes. Home Safe Homes is a sponsor of the Indy with Kids website and their efforts to get families out and about, making memories in their communities.}

We love to host for the holidays; dinner parties, cookie parties, kids parties and especially the main event, THE holiday dinner and New preparing for holiday guests of all agesYears Eve. With hosting comes a few safety and accommodation concerns — our home is full of children of various ages and abilities, grandparents and great grandparents. Our house didn’t used to have handrails going up the sides of the staircase, in our “without kids” days we thought it was a tiny bit more fashionable to remove them. When my parents and in-laws started visiting us and our children began using the stairs on their own, we saw a need to return to the days of handrails to aid the grandparents and new stair climbers.

As the holidays approach there are a few things your can do to prepare for visitors from young to old:

  1. Make sure that all pathways indoors and outdoors are clear of any toys, garden tools, leaves, branches, rocks and other hazards that obstruct the path. We always use the fall season to check for uneven walking surfaces too. With new walkers/toddlers in our home, the slightest raised brick causes quite a few falls. Indoors, consider throw rugs and area rugs — they could be a hazard.

  2. Check all indoor and outdoor handrails to be sure they are secure. If there is a place that needs a handrail, install one (stairs, bathrooms, porches). This will be especially helpful as the weather gets colder and outdoor surfaces become covered with ice. Indoors, this is a very important hospitable measure for those with limited or trouble with mobility.

  3. Entrances should be well lit from inside and on the outside. Replace light bulbs or even entire lighting units when necessary.

  4. Purchase salt and a snow shovel and keep them near the front door so they are easily accessible when you need to use them. Our family keeps an inexpensive five gallon bucket (with a lid) on the front porch full of salt. Make it a family project and let the kids decorate the bucket or lid with a winter theme or your address.

  5. Check under cabinets for cleansers or chemicals that are dangerous for children. Have cabinets secured if there will be young children living in or visiting your home this season.

  6. Clean out medicine cabinets and be sure that all medicines are secure and out of reach of children. Give visiting adults a space for their medications and personal hygiene products that will also be out of reach of children.

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