How to Choose the Right Swim Lessons for Your Child

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Not all swim lesson programs and facilities are created equal! There are many factors you should consider when deciding to enroll your child in swim lessons. It goes without saying that the instructors should be friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate with the kids. However, there are a few other aspects of swim lesson programs that are equally as important, but tend to be given much less thought.

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Safety is the top priority to consider when choosing a swim program for your child.


The number one question to ask when evaluating a swim lesson program is if there is a supervisor or lifeguard on deck at all times when lessons are going on. If the answer is no, then this is a red flag that safety may not be the top priority at this swim facility.
It is also important to ask if there is a low student to teacher ratio for each class. A 4:1 ratio is optimal to ensure safety for all students.
Other questions to consider: Is everyone in the facility CPR and Lifeguard certified? Is there an AED in case of emergency? Is the entire staff trained to practice emergency action plans? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it raises another red flag.

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The facility is another important factor to consider when enrolling your child in swim lessons.
When you walk in, ask yourself if facility looks and feels clean. If the answer to these questions is no, then you might want to consider how likely is it that the areas you can’t see in the facility are being properly taken care of. Most people do not give Chlorine, PH, Air Quality, etc. a second thought, but pools can be hazardous to children’s health if the chemicals are not kept at proper levels.
Depending on the number of children you have enrolled in swim lessons, you could potentially be spending a significant amount of time at the facility. Ask yourself if it is a comfortable place to relax and watch your children take lessons. Parents use this time in many ways, and sometimes it can turn into a little me time. Small amenities like a snack bar, coffee or magazines are essential!
I am proud to say that Goldfish Swim School checks off all of these boxes. If you want a swim lesson program that values the safety and comfort of your family as much as you do, give us a call to learn more!


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