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When we don’t spend a little time planning ahead, we spend the most money on food during our road trips. Even our little day trips or free kids activities can be very expensive because of a quick stop at the gas station for food or a trip to the concession stand. It’s true, meals and snacks are often the #1 expense on our vacations, even more than lodging or transportation…unless I plan ahead.


1. How to create a packed lunch for each member of the family: I’ve found that if I put lunches into a rubbermaid container or bento box of their own, my kids get just as excited about the lunches I make as they do about lunches from fast food drive thru windows. You can make it a simple lunch with sandwiches, cheeses, fruits and veggies or you can try a chicken breast or shredded chicken or beef. Last weekend as we left for our Ohio trip, we were in a hurry running out of the house so I zapped a six hot dogs and put them into a bun with mustard and ketchup and wrapped them up in foil. The kids loved it — even better than gas station hot dogs 🙂 Add carrots and celery, some grapes or apples and a cheese stick, yum!

2. Keep quick and easy packaged snacks ready to grab on the way out the door and don’t forget about juice for an on the go drink. We get a lot of food samples in the mail or at conferences and trade shows, so I like to keep those in a basket that I just grab when we hit the road for an adventure. My kids love it because they aren’t generally snacks we have ever tried before. I also keep juice and bottled water available that I can grab from the pantry or fridge. About a month ago when I was at on the go orchard in bloomSpeedway gas station during a grab and dash road trip stop, I found Fruitshoot and my girls loved it plus it had a spill-proof cap which is very important to me when traveling with a toddler and preschooler! I honestly bought it because it was only $1 and compared to the $3 kids drinks next to it, that was a steal. I was excited when I was asked to share Fruitshoot with my readers because my kids really liked it and it was something I bought before this campaign.

3. Keeps boxes of snacks in the car. I have a HUGE center console that’s perfect for a box of graham crackers, a box of teddy grahams 1/2 bag of pretzels and some of those 100 calorie snack packs. Year round your will find those things in my car because my kids are ALWAYS hungry and there’s just NO WAY they can make it home before they HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING.

4. When possible, bring a cooler with you. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that most of the time that we travel, we bring a medium sized ice chest with us full of food and drinks for our family. We try to eat breakfast and lunch in our hotel room or packed to bring along with us so that we can enjoy a dinner out. In our cooler we pack milk, juice, jelly, cheese, fruit, veggies and lunch meat. We also bring along bread, cereal, peanut butter, chips and crackers. Juice is a special treat in our family so family meals on vacation are still special and fun. Fruitshoot is a great addition to our road trip and hotel room meals plus it contains real fruit juice and no added sugar or natural flavors.

on the go lebanon rest area.jpg5. Sometimes a memorable lunch isn’t at all about the food you eat, it’s about WHERE you eat it. My kids are stuck eating in the car a lot because of my job and our lifestyle. Anytime we can, we stop at a park or a rest stop to run around and eat our lunches or snacks. We’ve been working really hard to cut down on our convenience store and gas station stops by stopping at these places so the kids can stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Hey, mom and dad need some fresh air too!


With spring break here and summer just around the corner, we’re going to be exploring some Affordable Food Tips to help your family on their adventures. To kick off the fun, I’d love to know, what are some ways you keep a packed lunch fun for your children while you’re on the go?


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