Do you remember what it was like to struggle in school? I remember it vividly. When I was a student, I excelled in language arts subjects and was even in the “gifted” classes, but I struggled with math. When I say “struggled”, I really mean that there was nothing in the world that made those concepts work in my brain. I stayed after school and went to school early for extra help (bless those teachers), but it didn’t matter. For some reason, my brain couldn’t work out the information that I was learning. I also can vividly remember the day that those concepts I had been taught in high school finally clicked. I was in college, taking high school math, a level that I had passed (barely) twice in high school.  I want my kids to feel that spark of understanding over and over again. That struggle where they feel helpless and dumb? I don’t want them to feel that ever, let alone for years and years. This article is sponsored by our partners at Huntington Learning Center. We’ve enjoyed and appreciated our experience with Huntington Learning Center and want to spread the word to you.

Huntington Learning Center, Indianapolis

Huntington Learning Center opened up in the Glendale area and we’ve visited several times this summer. I took Scout, my second grader in for a full academic evaluation. She spent one afternoon taking tests and evaluations so we could all understand and pinpoint exactly where she was in her learning path. Huntington Learning Center has personalized tutoring programs for students grades K – 12—including reading, writing, math, study skills, spelling, phonics, ADHD, Common Core, and test prep for the ACT and the SAT. Huntington Learning Center is a beautiful facility that’s clean and crisp. There are individual learning rooms and small group classrooms that are set up for your child’s success. Every staff member that we came in contact with was friendly and upbeat, the students we observed really seemed to have great rapport with the team. A few days after Scout’s academic evaluation, I returned to meet with Lisa, the Center Director, for the results and to hear about the personalized learning plan for Scout.

A Personalized Learning Plan

Scout’s academic journey is unlike that of anyone else, and the same story can be told for your child. I love that Huntington creates individualized instruction and tutoring goals for my daughter. She’ll work on the subjects and skills she needs to work on and skip the rest. That academic evaluation is so telling when it comes to figuring out where she needs extra help and where she doesn’t. It also helps save money because we’re not paying for her to be tutored in areas she has already mastered.

Certified Teachers & Tutors

Huntington Learning Center tutors are all certified teachers. This is an important qualification to Lisa Fraser, who opened the Indianapolis Huntington Learning Center because she understands what it’s like to be that parent sitting at the table with your child while they struggle through. She understands the frustration and shift in the relationship between parent and child when you’re spending hours at the kitchen table, banging your head against the wall as you try to navigate the homework waters with your child.

Lisa has put together a team of teachers to help your child work through their personalized learning plan so they can excel in school and enjoy their journey.

Progress and Results

Huntington Learning Center has been in business for over 40 years and their individually tailored tutoring programs have given students results when it comes to raising their grades, raising their test scores and succeeding in school. Most students who completed their individualized learning plan saw two grade levels of growth in reading and math. 

When you’re doing well in school, you’re so much more confident to take on the next challenge and you’ll have the foundation to know that you can! This is one of the best gifts I can give my child.

Indianapolis SAT and ACT Prep

In addition to the academic content where your student is identified as needing more help, Huntington Learning Center will work with your child on test-taking strategies and time-management skills through individualized instruction from their certified teacher tutors.

Years later, I still remember how great it felt when things just seemed to finally click in to place and I could understand the math I was learning and then I was able to understand the next lesson because it was all connected. The feeling that I could do it, that I was smart, that was a feeling that I’ll never forget — it was a physical feeling, a feeling that I could now take on the world and everyone who ever thought I was dumb or that I’d never get it, they were wrong. I want that feeling for my kids.

For more information about Huntington Learning Center in Glendale and to schedule an academic evaluation for your child, visit the Huntington Learning Center website or call them today.