Lulu giggled so hard when a bison “kissed” her on the arm.

Indiana Dunes Live – Broken Wagon Bison Farm

During the summer (June-September), Broken Wagon Bison Farm (563 West 450 North, Hobart | 219.759.3523) offers tours on Saturdays at 11am and at 2pm. Tours are $10 per person and at the end of the tour, each person gets to select a stick of bison jerky. The tours begin with a half hour education session where the ranchers show a short film about the history of bison (also known as buffalo) in the US. Then they teach visitors about the uses of bison product through several demonstrations and the various bison products showcased in the shop.

After the discussion, visitors go outside and board a wagon/trailer with seats and are pulled into the corral where all of the bison are hanging out. When the wagon is stopped, treats are thrown to the bison and they crowd around the wagon to get more.

The teaching time prior to the bison encounter was very interesting to Jay and me and the little boy behind us sat still and listened well the entire time (he was probably about 4 or 5) but two year old Lulu just couldn’t handle it and I had to take her out of the building so she would stop being so disruptive. All of us loved the ride and the encounter. It’s just amazing how large these animals are. The encounter gave me flashbacks to the “Safari” we went on in Ohio, which is tops on my list of favorites.

Even Scout gets excited about Bison!

There were two baby bison whose mothers didn’t want anything to do with them. Sad for them but since they were being so well cared for by humans, they were a little more tame and we were able to go pet them. Lulu giggled so hard when a bison “kissed” her on the arm.

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