Indiana Dunes Live – Radio Controlled Car Races at Kings Raceway

So far during during our weekend getaway we’ve seen miniature trains and miniature planes so the only thing that remained were miniature cars! On our way to dinner tonight, we stopped by King Hobbies and Raceway (413 E Archer Way, Valparaiso | 219.299.2088) to get our fix. Nearly every day/night of the week there is open practice on an outdoor track for fans and customers to race their radio controlled cars but tonight there was a race — for prize money!

We pulled into the parking lot and found a group of kids and teens and adults on a detached balcony like structure looking down over a huge race track with jumps and sharp turns. Cars flew high in the air as they sailed over tightly packed dirt hills on the nearly 700 foot long track.

Our whole family was welcomed to climb to the top of the stairs for the best view of the track. A live announcer sat in a booth down below and narrated the race as car after car lapped around the track, trying to pass their competition. Cars flipped upside down and sideways as they had rough landings from ramps, came around corners too fast or smacked into other cars.

The race was exciting and the competitors were serious but having a good time. Staff members and volunteers were laughing from the field down below as they uprighted vehicles or watched as some tried to jump the fence with their cars. Entire families were present and involved in this fun event.

Kings Hobbies sells radio controlled vehicles and allows “drivers” to run the track for $8 a day. The track is changed every few weeks, including the jumps and ramps! Something new all the time! Make sure you check the calendar on their website and call ahead for practice and race times.

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