After really long day in the car we decided to take the kids to a park so we could stretch out and run around and play. We had read about a fun Park called Valplayso. We took the kids there and found a park just like my husband and I remember from OUR childhood: a VERY large wooden structure play area with bridges, winding staircases, tons of places to hide, play tag and get lost.

We picnicked at the benches (there were plenty of picnic tables available) and then Lulu and her daddy ran wild while baby Scout and I stretched out on a blanket we had packed. The weather was cool and the evening was perfect! Families were riding their bikes to the park, hiking around and exploring, a soccer game or two was finishing up while we played and there were a lot of kids playing and having a great time! Even the parents were having a good time! The way that the playground was built easily allows for parents to be a part of playing and climbing. Grandparents too!

Valplayso Park was THE perfect thing for us tonight! I recommend stopping at parks anytime you can after a road trip or along the way.