The beach was beautiful and had lifeguards.

Indiana Dunes State Park – The Beach!

Being the money saving family that we are, we chose to go to the Indiana Dunes State Park beach (1600 N. 25 E., Chesterton, IN) because we purchased our State Parks Pass at the beginning of the year. On this trip, our purchase saved us the $5 gate entrance fee ($10 for out of state plates). The park was beautiful and would be a wonderful place to visit even if there wasn’t a beach there, but thankful there WAS a beach and we were there to see it!

We found a parking spot and then loaded all of our stuff up on our backs and in our arms. I was of course devastated that couldn’t bring a stroller in the sand, you know how I LOVE to load up that stroller. Some people brought strollers but they were struggling to push them through the sand AND I don’t even want to think about how they might have been ruined later from all of the sand. A wagon might work but I’m not sure about the long term effects of sand in wheels, etc. So, we carried everything; umbrella, towels, changes of clothes, snacks, sand toys, a blanket, the baby and the toddler (part way).

The beach was beautiful and had lifeguards. Lulu had such a fun time splashing around with us in the water. I wore Scout in a carrier and dipped her little feet into the water but as far as swimming, we’ll have to go back next summer for that. There was plenty of space on the beach for our blanket and everyone had such a great time.

Indiana Dunes State Park Beach was wonderful because it wasn’t so crowded that people were sitting on top of one another. I would definitely recommend the beach at the State Park for anyone who has children who are of walking age. However, with two tiny kids, next time we will probably visit a beach that has a parking lot really close to the water.

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