In high school I was on the basketball team. Notice I didn’t say that I played basketball? That would be a lie. I made the team, I practiced, I owned a uniform, I bought the $100 shoes. More than 10 years later those shoes still look brand new (I don’t know why I kept them). I love shooting hoops with the kids from the Non Profit and I kicked booty in our company Corporate Challenge.

A few months ago I had the legendary experience of hanging out with some awesome blogger friends in the Legends suite and watch as the women from the Fever smashed the game in pieces and won! These ladies work their arms and legs off to represent our city and their team at home and away. Did you know we have some Olympians on our team?

In the past I’ve had the opportunity to sit as close to the Indiana Fever basketball team and get as close to the hoop as I did in high school – I had the chance to sit and watch some awesome action take place practically in my lap! My best friend, her two kids (ages two and four), three college kids from the not for profit and I sat on the floor (in chairs) at the Indiana Fever game at Conseco Fieldhouse.

The women on the team are amazing, energetic and very talented! They played hard and holy cow, they won! It was close and the game was intense, dramatic, filled with fouls (the basketball equivalent to an Indy 500 car wreck) and downright fun! We joined the crowd in cheering for the home team, gasping at the bad calls from the refs, booing (only when necessary, this IS a family arena) and praying for free throw shots. Thank the Lord we won in overtime during this very close game! I would have cried if my first WNBA game ended with a loss for my team. Yes, that’s right.
This was the first of many evenings I hope to hang out cheering for MY team.
The Fever play through September so you and your family can enjoy an exciting night out even though school is back in session.  If you go to any Indy games I’m sure we’ll run into one another! I’m hooked!
Check out the Buy One Get One night on Tuesday, August 28th where you can get tickets for about $7 per person or Family Night on September 1st where you can get a ticket, Pepsi, Chips, Hot Dog and a t-shirt starting at $13!
For the purpose of facilitating this review, I was hosted for free in the Legends suite (which, by the way, is available for groups of 15+ at just $25 per person and is pretty awesome in a food and drink kind of way!) but my opinions, stories and thoughts are my own and they are honest and truthful.