Indiana Schools Close Through the End of the School Year

Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick announced today that school closures would continue and school would not be in session through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Despite efforts to control the spread of the virus, it has continued to spread at a rate that requires extending closures. This most recent extension of the closure may not be much of a surprise as neighboring states and others across the U.S. have announced closures in the past two weeks. On Wednesday, Governor Holcomb did not have much news about extending the stay at home orders or ending the school year. However, he did invite viewer to read into it what they needed, there would be an update later this week. He punctuated this statement by reminding us that we haven’t even hit the peak of this in Indianapolis yet.

For more information about how your child’s academic progress will continue, please watch for communication from your local school.

It looks like e-learning and other alternate learning methods will take place. Many families are still holding out hope that Indianapolis Summer Camps will still take place.

Resources for Families During COVID 19

Local schools and park programs have continued to provide food pick up options and meals for children and families. Other resources are available here for families who need to access internet or other educational resources.


Creating a Student Workspace or Classroom in Your Home


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