Indianapolis Airshow is Fun in the Sky

Indianapolis Airshow is Fun in the Sky
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I remember the HUGE Air Show that took place where I grew up in Southern California. Generally, we would attend on a Thursday or Friday as a family. I think it must have been a special kids day or something. We would race around with a small notebook and get the autographs of all of the pilots, get our faces painted in camouflage (sunblock paint), walk through large aircraft carriers and then enjoy a picnic lunch as the planes jetted across the sky.

My brother, sister and I enjoyed the loopty loops the airplanes would make, the white lines of fuel (or whatever) crisscrossing the sky and then fading as the next flying trickster entered the sky. We loved the loud hovering planes, the man who stood on the wings on the airplane as it flew every which way.

Did you ever go to an air show? If you did and you’d like to relive the memories or if you didn’t and you want to create memories similar to mine, why not make the Indianapolis Air Show a family tradition?

The airplanes will be flying June 22nd-24th at the Mount Comfort Airport. Tickets can be purchased at Marsh stores or online for the early fee of $4 for ages 6-12 and $12 for adults. At the gate, tickets are $5 for kids and $15 for adults. Children 5 and under are free.

Practice begins at noon on Friday (tickets $10 adult/$5 kids) and ends at 4pm. However, there are events from 10am-9:30pm, including hot air balloon activities! On Saturday, the air show opening ceremony is at 11:30 however there are activities beginning at 8am, including a remote control airplane air show! See the schedule for details! Sunday opening ceremonies are also at 11:30.

Hope to see you there!

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