A bedroom for two brothers and a second space for little sister.

The Clean Bedroom: Spotlight on Real Bedrooms of Indianapolis | Kate

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We’re working with our friends at The Clean Bedroom Organic Bedding and Mattress Store to showcase real bedrooms in Indianapolis area homes. A clean bedroom is more than the items in the bedroom, cleanliness extends to the toxins, allergens and chemicals found in bedding and mattresses. To learn more, stop in and see the experts at The Clean Bedroom on 86th Street. See other featured bedrooms here.

When designing a new space, local mom, Kate Amos says it all starts with a few key pieces. Picking out a few special pieces helps set the vibe of the room. From there you can design the room around that central theme. But she cautions parents not to go overboard on a theme. “You want to keep it simple so that the room can grow with them,” she says.

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For her children’s rooms, Kate started with the color accents and looked at catalogs and Pinterest for ideas that she could duplicate with less expensive pieces and even a few DIY projects. She spray painted picture frames from Goodwill and framed covers from her boys’ favorite books that can easily be changed out as they grow. She also enlisted a local carpenter to construct the bunk beds in her boys’ rooms based off a Pottery Barn catalog.

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“Bunk beds are the quintessential childhood experience. But they can be costly,” she said. “I was able to find a local guy who could make the beds exactly the way I wanted for much less money.”

For her baby daughter’s room, Kate went with a non-traditional color choice of blue and accented it with gold metallic pieces to keep it feminine. “I love that it’s girly, but not full of pink,” she says. “The blue is perfect because my girl is spunky.”

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Again, she utilized inexpensive picture frames that she painted to accent the existing colors in the room and paired them with a few special quotes she found on Etsy.

“I thought hard about the quotes for the walls and they turned out to be perfect for my baby because she happens to be one of the happiest babies in the world.” she said.


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But Kate’s favorite piece in the nursery didn’t come from any catalog or baby supply store. It’s a piece she found while eating brunch in New Orleans. Kate said she fell in love with the winged heart and asked the restaurant to sell it to her. Proving that your favorite piece of décor can come from the most unexpected places.

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By saving money in other areas, Kate was able to splurge on a few important components of the rooms. She says investing in the right storage solution is key to minimizing clutter in the rooms.

“I wanted their rooms to be a cozy retreat where they can read and relax,” she said. “We included a few bookshelves but purposely chose not to store toys in the rooms.”

For the baby’s room, Kate said most of the furniture was passed down from her older children, so she had money to splurge on organic bedding. Kate felt the organic bedding was more important for her daughter’s room because babies spend so much time sleeping and breathing in what’s around them. Quality organic bedding provides her daughter with a safe, healthy and cozy place to sleep.

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Mattress Pairings for Kate’s Family Bedrooms from The Clean Bedroom

Brian Benko, owner of The Clean Bedroom shares his mattress suggestions for families with twin sized bunk beds and crib mattresses.
Crib Mattress: 
Naturepedic The No-Compromise™ Organic Cotton mattress (Starting at just $259) is one of the healthiest organic crib mattresses available. Not only does it eliminate potentially harmful chemicals from your baby’s crib, but it is firm, matching the support, strength, and durability of an innerspring mattress. Your child will sleep comfortably in a natural and healthy sleep environment.

Twin Bunk Mattresses: 

This organic mattress is a perfect choice for young children who are transitioning from a crib to their first “big” bed. The 2-in-1 Ultra combines a certified organic outer cover with non-toxic polyethylene waterproof coating on the top and sides of the mattress and a non-waterproof side made with certified organic cotton quilting. The mattress provides orthopedic medium/firm support with 6 gauge wire providing firm support to the edges. The innerspring contains 14.5 gauge coil steel innersprings.  Twin: 360 coils Full:528 coils. Once your child is potty trained you can use the plusher, non-waterproof side until they head off to college.


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