Children’s Museum: Free this Thursday Night!

Children’s Museum: Free this Thursday Night!

Free Nights at Children’s Museum of Indianapolis = a zoo! An organized zoo but wild nonetheless! Indianapolis parents know that one of the best places in Indy with kids is the Children’s Museum. It’s one of the favorite places for kids in our city to visit and you just can’t beat the first Thursday night of every month when everyone visits for free!

Your family will get in free this Thursday from 4-8pm!

Several times per year and once a month the museum is open to the public without an admission fee.

When we were considering an annual family pass, we used the free days to preview the museum to be sure it would be beneficial for Lulu before she was one. We decided to buy a pass when she turned one and we have enjoyed it a lot but we had a lot of fun starting when she was about 9 months old!

There are some fantastic new exhibits to check out while you are there!

My tips for Free Days at the museum: Get there early! The later it gets, the longer the lines at most of the exhibits and parking fills up quickly! Check out the uncovered lot parking on the right side of the street.

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