We have an 11 month old and she is so full of energy! She’s getting ready to walk and all she wants to do right now is race around and tryto stand up and roll around. That is one reason why we opted to sit on the lawn at the Indianapolis Indians game. Another reason we like the lawn seating is the price tag of $9! I also like to stretch out and enjoy some space.

When we attended the game and sat on the lawn, the weather wasn’t ideal for most baseball fans in Indianapolis – it had rained all week and all day (up to ½ and hour before the game) and the wind was very strong and cold temperatures were present. For that reason, there were only about 40 people seated on the lawn, and we knew half of them! Tickets are available on game day at the ticketing gate.

With lawn seats, you are permitted to bring in a cooler with food and beverages. I was unable to find exact lawn rules but I know that you can bring a blanket to sit on but not chairs. Your cooler cannot have alcohol or glass bottles. We brought a packed lunch from home for Lulu and I stopped at Subway for a sandwich and chips. Because it had been raining so much, we brought a lightweight tarp to set up under our blanket – best idea ever! Strollers ARE permitted in the park.