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A room remodel can be a big challenge to undertake, especially if you are feeling a time crunch. Amber Hankins, co-host of the popular Indianapolis morning show, Indy Style (WishTV) and her daughter, Avery, recently took on the task of creating a room that is perfect for a little girl, while embracing Avery’s new role: big sister. Amber is a stylish person by nature, so redesigning a new room for Avery that would help her glide peacefully into big girl-dom was an adventure she was up for.

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Amber says the key to undertaking a room remodel is to think of the feeling you are looking to convey with the room, then take it one step at a time from there.  Since Amber was looking to help Avery welcome a little sister, and a definite life change, she allowed Avery to be a big part of the design process.

I know what you are thinking, how on earth did she manage that without a room that was mismatched and looked like the inside of the Disney Store after an earthquake?  Easy, says Amber, “I’d find a few things I liked, but then have her pick which one she liked best. It was a nice compromise because I knew either way, it would match, and I’d approve.”

Amber also suggests taking your time on a remodel.  “Don’t feel as if you have a deadline. It’s YOUR house. You go at the pace that feels comfortable to you.”  So, if your budget is tight and you’re doing this one piece at a time, don’t fret! Amber suggests looking for items that best exude the feeling you are looking to create with this space.

Are you looking for a cool hang out? Then maybe a play table is your first step.  If you’re wanting this to be a space of independence and comfort you might try for Avery’s favorite spot: the “mosquito-net” reading nook.

If you have your eye on that picture perfect bedroom from a catalog, don’t feel like all of it has to purchased from that one place, look for bargains. “My furniture came from everywhere!” Amber laughs, “I’ve gone to Hobby Lobby, to Target, to Home Goods, to TJ Maxx, a little bit of everywhere to find pieces that were similar to what I wanted to find [to replicate a look from a catalogue] for so much less. You feel good because it stays within your budget.”

Look for good deals and consider second hand or roadside rescue furniture. “The corner cabinet was $20 bucks, it was dark brown, it had a couple of stains on it but I repainted it, redid it and was able to use it for her room.”

Most importantly, keep your receipts.  Amber doesn’t have any buyers remorse about her space because she didn’t keep any items that ultimately didn’t work.  The return counter is your friend.  If you find that the print you thought was adorable terrifies your child, don’t feel like you need to keep it! Missteps are inevitable in design and there’s no reason you need to be beholden to your mistakes.

Is there more in store for Avery’s bedroom? Amber says that she’d like to give wallpaper a try on one wall. It’s coming back in style and an accent wall would be really pretty. Wallpaper isn’t something she’s worked with before, but if one thing is certain, Amber isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and tackle new projects.

The change to Avery’s room was gradual and the result is perfect.  Avery adores her big girl room and she’s ready to take the big sister world by storm! Now let’s hope she still remembers her way around the nursery, at least when its time to help with diaper changes!

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