Indianapolis LEGO Life Meetings at Castleton Square Mall

Indianapolis Lego Life Meetingsat Castleton Square Mall

Saturdays at the mall just got a lot more fun for kids- LEGO Life is the newest format for the club all LEGO fans should join. Locally at the Castleton Square Mall LEGO store, LEGO Life meetings happen on the last two Saturdays of the month.

The fast facts:

  • Preregistration is required- sign up the next time you are in the store.
  • The club meets from 9a -10a- yes, this means you are in the store before it opens.
  • It’s especially for kids ages 6-14
  • The cost is $10 per child

We learned about LEGO Life meetings when we were at the LEGO store for an exchange. My daughter was immediately interested, so we preregistered that day.  A few weeks later we found ourselves checking into the meeting, receiving a name badge and a LEGO passport.

LEGOS BuildingEach LEGO Life meeting is built around the free LEGO build that happens at the beginning of each month. Led by three staff members, the kids introduce themselves, talk about their favorite LEGO themes, and listen to a story based on the month’s free build. From there, the kids answered some LEGO trivia, and then the building begins.

Included in the registration fee is a small box of LEGOs participants get to choose off of the Pick a Brick wall. Kids are encouraged to design their own creation that goes with the free build for the month. Kids in a LEGO store is a lot like a kid in a candy shop- these builders set out to get all the LEGO bricks they could fit in the box.Lego Kit

My daughter had an ample 40 minutes or so for building the free build kit, and building her own creation. The program wrapped up with show and tell, with all of the participants sharing their creations. The creativity was fun to see, and no two creations were alike.

As the program wrapped up, participants were given a goody bag, which included an issued of LEGO magazine and 100 VIP points for their frequent shopper program. My daughter had fun, and this meeting lit a spark to create more with her LEGOs at home. And yes, we signed up for next month’s build before we left!

Coming soon is the LEGO Life app for Apple and Android devices. This will be a way for enthusiasts to continue to share their creations in between the monthly gatherings, and it should be available in the very near future.


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