Open Play Gym at A Work in Progress

A small group of moms sit in a circle around a baby, cooing and encouraging as she bounces on her back legs, her arms fully extended beneath her, as if she’s ready to take off in a crawl. A couple of moms and a dad lift their preschool aged kids into a square shaped corral full of bright, colorful plastic balls.

Tatia Kortepeter sits in a tree house play structure, helping kids ascend the ladder and descend the slide. While they wait their turn, they sit in her lap, hold her arms or have a quick bite-sized conversation with her.

Vicki Mabanta carefully pushes a small cluster of kiddos on a bright green tire swing, they smile and giggle as the swing makes a small twisty, turn.

It’s Wednesday morning and it is Open Gym at A Work in Progress.

A Work in Progress is a full-time specialized treatment facility for children to receive quality services for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), to promote independence by developing optimal communication skills, social interaction and integration of sensory systems.

Open Gym Play Group

Vicki an Tatia have created a fun gym play-space for their clients and on Wednesdays it’s open to the public for a $10 fee. Children and their adults can come visit 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. to enjoy indoor playtime in this indoor playspace and parents can speak with a speech and occupational therapist about their child’s development.

It’s a great time to ask those questions in a casual environment. This indoor playground in Indianapolis is open and available during this time for both typical developing and special needs children. It’s a great time for children to play together and make new friends. Parents might make new friends too!

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