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I think it’s safe to say that COVID brought out a lot of creativity in our community. Being safe at home with our social calendars wiped clean also gave birth to a new desire to love our homes and make the best of our spaces. Julius from Indy Hot Tub Rental embodies creativity, drive and the desire to help people enjoy their backyards under every circumstance. Indy Hot Tub Rentals is one of those businesses that let people feel like a VIP and mix up the day to day continuity. Now that we’re all getting back together, this service is going to ROCK your next birthday party, friend gathering or date night.

Indy with Kids and Indy Hot Tub Rentals have partnered to bring you this awesome idea for year round fun in your home.

Hot Tub Rentals in Indianapolis

You may have seen friends sharing fun times in their hot tubs on social media, but it doesn’t mean that they have permanently committed to the time, cost or space required for hot tub ownership. They may be just like us, renting a hot tub for a week or a month at a time for special occasions, staycations or just for fun.

Book your reservation online and then someone from Indy Hot Tub rentals comes to your home, unloads a high quality Softub hot tub where you designate and then starts filling the tub, getting it plugged in and adding the necessary chemicals. Julius showed me how to check the chemicals and when to use the provided additives to the water. He taught us how to use the equipment (and it’s super easy) and then set everything up so it looked nice. The rental hot tub was super clean, disinfected, had a brand new filter and was in like-new condition. For a small fee, you can have a cedar deck surround and steps added — I recommend this upgrade because it looks so nice and provides the perfect spot for beverages and other items.

Why Rent a Hot Tub?

My husband and I know that we want a hot tub, we’ve been saving and planning for it for some time. Now that we had one for a week, we know we don’t want to go much longer without one of our own. We were able to test drive a reputable brand and a different style than we’re accustomed to seeing at our friend’s homes. Our whole family learned about caring for a hot tub, the chemicals needed to maintain the water quality and my husband and I were able to see how our children handled being around a body of water in our own backyard (water safety is super important, even with a hot tub.)

One of our biggest problems with committing to a hot tub was the amount of space we need for it. We thought we would have to expand our patio or build a deck in another area of our backyard, but after having an Indy Hot Tub Rental on our patio for a week, we decided we already have the perfect space for one.

The pandemic has put many things in high demand and it’s not easy to get a hot tub or a pool in the immediate future, this has many families looking for a way to fill the gap between now and the time they’ll take ownership of their own hot tub. Additionally, many families are opting to spend more time at home, enjoying their homes and their backyards — a one week hot tub rental is the perfect diversion for fun summer nights with friends and family or cool fall days at home.

What’s Included When You Rent a Hot Tub?

Delivery & set up and removal & clean up are all included in your fee. Additionally, you’ll be provided with the chlorine and any other chemicals to keep your water safe. The customer service from the team at Indy Hot Tub Rentals is amazing, they were available to take my call when I had a question and helped us out right away.

There was no need for any special electrical equipment or plumbing, we just had to provide access to a standard electrical outlet and a spigot with a hose to fill the hot tub with water. It takes 24-48 hours to get your temperature up to hot tub temps, so our sanitized hot tub showed up the day before our rental period started.

Indy Hot Tub Rentals

Before and after each rental, Indy Hot Tub Rentals runs a sanitization chemical solution through the hot tub, then they flush the entire tub with fresh water and wipe it clean. The exterior surface is cleaned by hand with soap disinfectant and water.

Indy Hot Tub Rentals delivers to Indianapolis (Marion County) and all surrounding counties like Johnson County, Hamilton County, Hendricks County, Hancock County and beyond.

Special Event Hot Tub Rental

The holiday weekend was the perfect excuse for us to rent a hot tub — we had family coming over and our kids are out of school. They spent HOURS in the hot tub playing and “swimming.” The temperatures can get as high as 106 degrees but we set ours much lower and it was fantastic for the kids. Later, we set the heat higher and returned in the evening for cocktails in the hot tub WITHOUT the kids. We’re renting a hot tub again in June for a small birthday gathering in our backyard. I can’t wait to share this fun experience with our friends.

Learn more and book your hot tub rental with Indy Hot Tub Rentals.

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