Working parents, THIS is YOUR playgroup. Stay at home or work from home parents, THIS is YOUR "office party".

Indy with Kids Presents: PLAY! A Party for Parents & Friends

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This year Indy with Kids is in the middle of it’s fourth year of being on the internet! It’s about time we put together a shindig to bring Central Indiana parents together.

We’re gathering all the moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies and other caregivers of kids for a night out! You’ll walk the fun carpet and pose for a photo with your friends or your date, or whoever, then you’ll step into our event for a night of checking out hot toys, playing fun games, chatting and enjoying some yummy treats from the Khan’s catering through the Indiana State Museum events department. We’ll have music and a cash bar and then we’ll showcase some fantastic places to PLAY in and near Indy. Finally, we’ll present some great gifts that your kids might want to find under the Christmas tree…and many attendees will take these gifts home so their kids CAN unwrap them this holiday season! SEE THE TOYS HERE!

You’ll want to make sure you have a Twitter account and/or Instagram account and that you are following @indywithkids and the hashtag #PLAYindy to increase your chances to take home the BEST toys and experiences for your family! Don’t know what any of this is? Don’t worry, you’ll still get to jump in and enjoy the toys and have plenty of chances to bring them home! This is not a sales event, these toys will NOT be for sale on this night. You either get them for free or you can buy them on your own, just not at this event. We’re all about sharing and giving!

So, book the baby sitter, call your friend, your kids grandparents, your significant other, whoever (or even come alone, you won’t be alone very long) and buy your tickets NOW!

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE (discount tickets available for a limited time)

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