you-are-indy-with-kids hiring writers bloggers indianapolis parentsDo you have the lowdown on what’s going on in Indianapolis or surrounding cities?  Do your friends constantly come to you to find out what’s going on and where they should take their families? Are you a good writer?

Then Share What You Know!
We’re adding more contributing writers to Indy with Kids! You could be the next mom or dad on our team!

What Does it Entail?
You’ll write articles and posts for Indy with Kids and maybe even work on a few special projects.  We’re looking for Indy area parents who will keep their eyes and ears open to fun places, classes, and events. Yes, you’ll likely get to do some pretty cool stuff with your family. We want you to commit to a certain number of articles per month for a timeframe of 12 months.

What’s in it for you?
You’ll get some great deals, meet some pretty great people and get PAID for your work. Yeah, that’s right. We know your time is valuable so we’re going to pay you! You’ll be classified as an independent contractor, so you are responsible for your own taxes.

Sound fun? Then let us know you’re interested!
Fill out this form and we’ll get a hold of you as soon as we find the perfect spot for you.