kate amos indy with kids contributor

Meet Kate, she’s one of the newest Indy with Kids contributors and we’re so excited to have her voice on our team. Her education background makes her a natural for writing about children and her lifestyle makes her the perfect fit for our team!

What are some favorite places our readers might run into you sometime?
I absolutely LOVE Indianapolis and all it has to offer. In nice weather we can be found at various parks around the city and anywhere swimming or water play is happening. When it’s time to play inside we love The Urban Chalkboard play cafe, The Children’s Museum, and exploring the offerings of the YMCA and the local libraries.

Tell us about your family?
My husband Matt and I are both Butler alums and we live in SoBro, so we are really enjoying the Indy lifestyle. We have two young boys, Luke (2) and Jack (1), and are expecting a baby girl this May. Matt works as a web developer and I am home with the kids, although I do have plans to return to teaching in the future. As a family we enjoy being outside, travel, and pretty much anything that allows us to be active together.

What non-child related things do you do for fun?
I love to go out to eat kid-free, but it doesn’t happen very often! I enjoy reading, planning adventures, creating photo books, and spending time with my husband and girlfriends.

Best place to eat in Indy
with kids – My kids love Yats, and if it’s nice enough to walk there we will! We also enjoy Zest for a tasty lunch, and the Original Pancake House for the occasional breakfast away from home.
with a girlfriend – I can’t get enough of brunch at Petit Chou, and I’m always up for trying the new place in town.
on a date – On our rare nights out my husband and I love to stay local and casual so Twenty Tap and Broad Ripple Sushi Bar are a couple of our favorites.

What do you do with your kids on a rainy day?
We aren’t big fans of staying in, so a rainy day might send us to the IMA to create in the Star Studio, or the library for a music class and some stories. If we do stay home we are likely to explore new materials in the sensory bin, or go out stomping in puddles!

Is your family more of an outdoor family or indoor family?
We are an outdoor family, for sure. We love being on the water when we can, walking or dining outside in the evenings, or just hanging out in the back yard.

What’s to love about Indy?
What’s not to love about Indy?!? If I had to choose I think the reason Indy is so close to my heart is the small-town feel with the big city amenities.

What’s on your playlist?
Oh, everything. Pink, Billy Joel, Usher, Kings of Leon, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Raffi, the YouTube Wheels on the Bus medley…

What’s one thing your kids would say you aren’t very good at?
I think my kids would say I’m not very good at crawling! We have hard floors and I have old knees! They would also probably say I’m not very good at making lunch.

What are you looking forward to in 2015:
I’m looking forward to meeting our new baby, of course! Truly, though, I’m just loving watching our kids grow up and there are always ten new things coming our way!

How would your best friend describe you in three words?
I’d like to think my closest friends would say I am adventurous, funny, and kind. But maybe they would say I’m sarcastic, neurotic, and perpetually pregnant!