“They know my name!” | Goldfish Swim School Indianapolis Lessons

“They know my name!” | Goldfish Swim School Indianapolis Lessons

We have just wrapped up month two of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Our lessons take place at the Carmel, Indiana location but they have two convenient Indianapolis area locations; Carmel and Fishers.

I have been so excited to show off the videos of the progress my kiddos are making, you can catch those on Instagram. Since Christmas, we’ve had a lot of illnesses sweep through our family over and over again, so each kiddo has missed a few lessons. I love that with Goldfish, we can schedule makeup lessons for each lesson that we miss as long as we called ahead to let them know we would be missing a lesson and as long as we are still enrolled in the program. 

Progress Report

  • Lulu, age 6 was moved down a level from where she started. This isn’t out of the norm, we were sort of guessing on her water comfort and ability based on her age. She was in that level for two classes and it was just the push she needed to get her moving. She got more comfortable with the water, learned some skills she didn’t have but that were necessary for the next level and really worked hard. It was almost like she wanted to show everyone she could get back into her old class.One thing she said really stood out for me as a parent. After her first class in the lower level, she got out of the pool and was telling me all about her lesson, “Mom, they know my name!” she said. When she went to her new class, the instructor knew her name and this made Lulu so happy and excited. As a mom, this made me happy too. She wasn’t just another kid, or swimmer #3, she was Lulu. The small class sizes help and the dedicated instructors make all the difference.The following week Lulu swam her little heart out and was so brave, really pushing herself to do things outside of what she was comfortable with the week before and she was promoted.After one week in this level and a makeup lesson, she was promoted again! Lulu is really on fire and can’t wait to attend lessons each week. She’s really loving it right now because with makeup lessons, we’re in the pool two days a week for a while.
  • Scout, age 4 is our little swimming princess. She doesn’t want to get her hair wet, her face wet. She doesn’t want to go underwater. She does however LOVE being in the pool. She’s all smiles throughout her lesson. Scout has missed the most lessons because of ear and sinus infections. I think we will see a lot of progress as we get her back into the pool on a regular basis.
  • James, age 2 is one of my favorite kids to watch. He’s so happy and does exactly what he’s supposed to. No tears, just big smiles. When his teacher cheers for him after he has completed a task, he has the best smile across his little face. He doesn’t mind being underwater but I’m not sure he understands the whole swimming concept yet. My favorite leap of success was during one of his makeup classes, he was put into a level a little bit higher than what he currently is and the teacher was really pushing him. He spent so much time in and under the water, now if we could just get him to KICK and move his arms!
  • Quinn, age 10 months is loving playing in the water during her class. She swims every week with her daddy. It’s been a great bonding experience for the two of them since I get to spend so much time with her during weekdays. They chase toys around the pool, they sing songs and they are working really hard on climbing in and out of the pool and floating on backs. Quinn doesn’t quite have the strength to pull herself out of the pool but she sure can hold on to the side of the pool all by herself. She’s very comfortable with the water and doesn’t mind going underwater either. She’s getting really good at holding her breath. Bath time at home is a whole new level of fun because it reminds her of the pool. She splashes and giggles so much!

It has been so much fun watching my kids, watching their sense of accomplishment and watching their progress. In another month or so when all of the outdoor pools are open, I can’t wait for them to be able to show off their skills.

If you want to check out Goldfish Swim School in Carmel or Fishers, stop in and see the beautiful facility, take part in a family swim time or bring your kids for one of their special activities, like the underwater easter egg hunt.


This is part two of a series of sponsored posts with Goldfish Swim School. Read part one to see where we started.

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