The Kona Ice Truck Delivers Gourmet Hot Cocoa to Your Home

This summer we were fortunate enough to have Kona Ice visit our neighborhood to deliver their legendary snow cones. This winter, Kona Ice kicked off their fun winter pivot and they are bringing gourmet hot cocoa to a neighborhood near you!

Nearly every school aged child in the Indianapolis area can recognize the colorful Kona Ice truck from a mile away. They’re popular at food truck events, parks in the summer time and even visit local school campuses to dish out their shaved ice. What makes Kona so special is that kids have an opportunity to serve themselves as much colored syrup as their hearts desire. You can choose from spectacular flavors or just make one big mushy explosion of every flavor.

Well winter is here and everyone is looking for the best places to get hot chocolate in Indianapolis. In fact, hot cocoa is all the rage because of these super popular hot cocoa bombs.

Kona Ice Hot Chocolate Truck

During COVID, Kona Ice has been taking appointments to visit neighborhoods with their trucks. In general you need to make a reservation and order and pay for your items ahead of time. No walk ups.

I inquired with our local Kona Ice truck on social media and asked if they would bring their famous hot chocolate to our neighborhood and they said yes! They had me book via their KURBSIDE KONA website. From there, you can see if Kona will be within a three mile radius of your home. If not, send them a message to request a visit.

Kona Kocoa Delivery

Once a time is scheduled for your area, you will visit the special Kona Ice ordering page. From there, you select from four gourmet concoctions; Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Twix, Hot Chocolate, S’mores Hot Chocolate and our personal favorite, Penguicorn Hot Chocolate.

At the time we published this article, the pricing was $5 each with a $10 minimum order size + delivery fee/tax. Don’t forget to tip your Kona team!

Walk-up orders are not permitted, you must order in advance and pay online.

Adults Love Kona Hot Cocoa Too

Don’t think that Kona Kocoa is just for the kids! It’s perfect just the way it is, but if you wanted to add a little bit of additional flavoring, we won’t begrudge you that. We even have some suggested additions to make your gourmet hot cocoa even more festive!

Twix Hot Cooca – add chocolate vodka or white chocolate liqueur

Peppermint Hot Cocoa – add a shot of Peppermint Schnapps

S’mores Hot Cocoa – add a bit of RumChata or Raspberry liqueur…or both

Penguicorn Hot Cocoa – Captain Morgan LocoNut or Strawberry liqueur or Strawberry Vodka


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