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We are on the go and out and about A LOT! When we’re at home we’re playing, learning, cooking (a little), eating and sleeping. Often we combine a few of those to save time. Right now we’re trying to teach Scoutie colors and animal noises. Since big sister is already a seasoned expert in both of those, we are being more creative than we had to be with Lulu. We also have some pretty fun resources that we didn’t have when Lulu was a toddler.

This week we went to Walgreens to grab a few things like crayons, colored pencils, markers, a swimming pool (I’m a sucker for summer clearance) and Post Fruity Pebbles, also known as “rainbow cereal”.

pebbles light table

We spent some time trying to sort the fruity flakes into color groups using the light table. The girls spend a lot of time experimenting with the way things look on the light table, Fruity Pebbles are beautiful! I imagine that we’ll be using them again in a project for our light table.

pebbles baby fingers fail

Throughout the day, big sis was very helpful in pointing out different colors around the house, in our food, what we were wearing and in the backyard. The girls and I mixed up a boxed cake mix (Lulu spends HOURS playing “cake making” in the bathtub, in the sandbox and in her play kitchen, so this was an EXTREME treat) and then hand stirred a cup of Post Fruity Pebbles into the mixture. We poured it into the pan and cooked it as directed on the box.

pebbles mixing

During Scoutie’s nap, Lulu and I frosted the cake with plain white frosting with a couple spoonfuls of Fruity Pebbles stirred in and then Lulu and Scout sprinkled the top of the cake with more Pebbles.

pebbles decorating

Our cake was delicious! We cut the cake in two so we could take half to the teachers at their school and then eat some of it at home.

pebbles finished cake

I’m so excited about all of the learning opportunities we have in day to day activities and how I can creatively weave different things into my repertoire of teachable moments. Making a cake doesn’t feel like work to my kids and eating a cake never felt like work to anyone!

pebbles decorating back shot