In November 2014, LEGO KidsFest entered Indianapolis with a flurry of bricks and colors! Everyone who attended had a blast and vowed to return once they came back to Indy. Enter 2017 — LEGO KidsFest will not return to Indianapolis, or anywhere else. In November they announced the end of their tour after 7 wonderful years on the road.

Friends, the band has broken up. For now. Fans like myself are hoping and crossing our fingers that this just makes room for the festival to come back in a new package, but at this time it doesn’t appear to be the case. I’ll keep hoping.

Until then, there are a few LEGO events and activities that can keep your little builder happy;

The annual LEGO fan gathering, Brickworld takes over a part of the Indiana State Fairgrounds mid-March every year. LEGO fans from all over will display their massive and impressive creations in a space that spans 60,000 square feet (that’s a nice jump from the 45,000 square feet over the past few years). We have an excellent Brickworld coupon code for you that’s valid through March 12.

There’s a free monthly mini-build event at the LEGO store. Register on the 15th of the month to participate the following month. These spots “sell out” quickly so don’t forget!

Our local LEGO Store also hosts LEGO Life Meetings. You must pre-register in store. The cost is $10 per child and they get some pretty great perks! Learn more about LEGO Life Meetings here.

Search our calendar for LEGO events. Local libraries and other activity centers host events for LEGO fans all the time!


Photo credit: LEGO KidsFest