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Have you ever been to a drum circle? No? Well, I hadn’t either. “Drum circle”—it has all this mystery surrounding it and seems like something you would only hear about in movies or if you lived in a commune. However, there’s a weekly family drum circle right here in our own city!BongoBoyMusicDrumCircleElla

When I first asked my husband if he wanted to join my five year old and me at a drum circle he gave me the look you would expect when asking a spouse that question. (And he’s the musician in the family!) However, the night ended up being one of the most fun family events we’ve done in a long time.

Bongo Boy Music School

Bongo Boy Music School, located at 8481 Bash Street, Suite 1100, in Indianapolis, provides private and group instruction on most instruments as well as voice, songwriting, music production and artist development.

About seven years ago Ed, the owner of Bongo Boy Music, Inc., connected with Remo Belli of Remo, Inc., and started a Free Community Drum Circle to promote Recreational Music Making. The drum circle was so well received by the community that Ed decided to dedicate space to open a Recreational Music Center within the Music School.

The free community drum circle takes place weekly in the Recreational Music Center. All ages are welcome.

When you arrive at the drum circle, you take an open seat at a bongo. (If there’s no room, they’ll make room!) And, when everyone is ready, you just play your heart out— you don’t have to know music, you don’t have to know how to drum, you don’t even have to play a song. However, something magical happens and the entire room erupts into some beautiful, inspiring beat. You have to experience it to understand. We’ll definitely go back!

Bongo Boy Music School and Recreational Center also offers many other opportunities for music, including a Saturday Morning Kid’s Rhythm Club, homeschooling group classes, field trip opportunities, children’s birthday parties and more.

See you at the next drum circle!



Jacqueline Wilson owns, a “no mean girls” uplifting support community and networking site for women, and is the founder and executive director of the Monkey Do Project, a non-profit that helps the most impoverished areas of U.S. Appalachia.

8481 Bash Street Suite 900

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