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This article was written by Lindsey Salley

The end of fall and long months of winter can be tough living in Indiana with small kids. Unpredictable weather and cold temps often leave myself and my kids feeling stir crazy and restless, so I am always excited to find great and new indoor adventures for us. We found Boniccis Family Fun Place in McCordsville to be the perfect solution for those “indoor play” days. They just opened their doors at the end of September. It is a family run business that aims to invoke creative and imaginative play in kiddos in a safe and clean indoor environment.

We went with a 3 year old, 5 year old and 6 year old and all three were entertained for well over 3 hours. The largest (and most unique) feature at Boniccis was their huge inflatable electric car course. It is set up to resemble a city, with little roads and scenery. They swap out different powered vehicles, so the older two kids loved the full sized cars and police motorcycle while my 3 year old loved the small electric moped. It kept them entertained for a full hour, driving laps on the road and waving to us as they drove by.

The owner, Jenita, told us she really wanted to focus on imaginative play and her playhouse “town” was nothing short of amazingly whimsical. It featured a fire station, hospital, restaurant, and grocery store. Each playhouse was fully stocked for full and imaginative interactive play. The grocery store featured every type of play food, grocery carts, and cash registers with play money and credit cards. Our older boys loved dressing up as firemen and got a kick out of the wind up fire hose. We saw quite a few little kids lovingly tending to the babydolls in the hospital. Jenita had it stocked with nurse and doctor dress up clothes and all types of gadgets to make the full “doctor check up” experience fun. Small picnic tables in the “grass” area are perfect for kiddos to sit and take turns taking orders for the diner and bringing out play food to serve.

LEGO lovers will enjoy the large LEGO wall. They also had larger DUPLO legos for younger kiddos, and magnetic sheets on the wall for magnet play. There were large foam blocks so small kids could built their own comfy fort. There was even a thoughtful corner for older kids with checker boards set up. Pricing was $6 for kids under 3, and $12 for ages 3 and up. Admission price covers all activities except tokens for the arcade games. Although there weren’t a ton, the arcade games kept the 5 and 6 year old occupied for a solid 45 minutes and they enjoyed swapping out their tickets for prizes.

The final slam dunk in the day for us was the café inside Boniccis. Jenita makes both her pizza and ice cream homemade, and it was delicious. My friend and I enjoyed being able to sit at the café tables while the kids played, and Boniccis’ set up ensured we could keep our eyes on them at all times. If you need to get some work done, this is a great places to work while the kids play.

Their displays and activities felt mostly geared towards toddlers up to kids around age 8. Smaller babies probably wouldn’t have much to do activity wise, but would maybe enjoy all the sites as there is a lot to see! Their colors were bright and the large space felt airy and open. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and look forward to many more chilly afternoons there! Their website features additional free activities there during the month such as mask making and coloring contests.

For more information, check out Bonicci’s online, or call 317-336-6500. Current hours are 10AM – 8PM Monday through Friday and 12-6 on Sunday. The owner mentioned doing separate hours on Sunday mornings for any children with special needs, so be sure to call for details. They are located at 7397 N. 600 West, just south of Pendleton Pike in McCordsville.

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