ruins_Holliday_parkThere is something special about Holliday Park. I can’t pinpoint just one thing, but it could be the giant playground, 3.5 miles of trails, and free nature center that makes Holliday Park my most favorite park in Indianapolis. Holliday Park is located at 64th and Spring Mill Road on Indianapolis’ north side and boasts 94 acres of beauty.


The park wouldn’t be complete without its giant playground, suitable for children of all ages.  There are three main playground sections that offer a variety options for families. A small, fenced playground is great for young children, and crawlers/early walkers. Adjacent to the toddler playground is a larger, and much taller, structure that has a maze of ramps, bridges, and tall slides. While intimidating to me, my 3 year old maneuvers the structure easily, alongside other preschool and elementary age children. There is an even more challenging structure that is seems to be a favorite of older children. The playground is an area that is hard to leave, but be sure you do, as there are a number of other great things you must experience while at Holliday Park!

Enter one of the hiking trails at the back of the park and enter another world. You almost forget you’re in the center of Indianapolis as you descend into the woods. This is a great place to experience the beauty of nature anytime of the year. One of our favorite activities is to wear our rain boots and stomp in creeks leading to White River. I highly recommend it! Be sure to bring your camera, as there are many times you will want to snap a few pictures as your children explore. nature_center_Holliday_Park

Upon exiting the trails, head over to the free Nature Center, Habitat Hall (Mon.- Sat. 10-5, Sun. 1-5). The nature center has classrooms, and a bird watching room – but most exciting for my children is the exhibit space, complete with animals native to Indiana and interactive activities. This space will be part of a major renovation planned for the near future.  We can’t wait!

On your way back to your car take a picture by one some of the ruins, as it’s hard to resist. These picturesque ruins were taken from a building that was being torn down in the 1950s in New York City. The ruins at Holliday Park have now been restored and are a fantastic backdrop for fun!

Holliday Park is not to be missed.  On nice days pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it, and even on unpleasant days the Nature Center makes for a welcome change of pace. Be sure to check the Holliday Park website and/or the Indy Parks Fun Guide, as well, to make sure you catch one of the many fun events throughout the year.

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