When we stepped into Indulge Ice Cream Shop (10 South Main, Fortville, Indiana 46040) we felt right at home. Partly because it was outfitted with some of our favorite lighting fixtures and accessories from Ikea and partly because there was a soda fountain…with Coca Cola!

indulge3The very large space was open and clean and just felt cool, the way an ice cream shop should feel! With outside temperatures over 100 degrees, Indulge was the best place for us to spend our morning. Being the Coca Cola connoisseur that I am, when I heard about the famous marshmallow Coke served up at the ice cream bar, I just couldn’t help but make the 30 minute drive from my house to downtown Fortville (northeast side)!

Lulu, Scoutie and I ordered a small Marshmallow Coke and a kids scoop of Rocky Road ice cream in a cup. Our total was under $3 and the kids scoop of ice cream was plenty for Lulu and I to share — she might say otherwise but believe me, it was enough! My verdict on the Marshmallow Coke? I wish I had ordered a large instead of a small, I really enjoyed it and I see many more in my future! You can also purchase shakes, banana splits and other concoctions.

Indulge is an old time soda fountain shop with many updates while still keeping the same feel of the former five and dime shop that used to be in that same building. The counter in the middle of the store where you place your order and you might choose to sit and eat your treats is original. The shelves that line the wall are mostly empty but it’s easy to imagine them filled with everything someone might have needed in the past to run an efficient household.

The back of the shop has local artwork displayed as a hint of what is to come. Local artists will have the opportunity to display and sell their goods just in time for the Christmas season. Look for more information about this as summer ends and fall begins. There is a special seating area reserved just for adults (which must be a relief to people who visit Indulge without indulge5their kids — I’ve seen ice cream shops in the evening when every chair and THE FLOOR are occupied). Free WIFI is available.

The bright colors and fun seating arrangements made us forget that today was a record breaker for heat. Once we were outside (yes, you can sit there too if you are brave), we were reminded that ice cream for brunch had been a fantastic idea!

Indulge Ice Cream Shop is located at 10 South Main, Fortville | 317.660.4460. Hours are Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm and Sunday 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

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