indy fuel indianapolis ice hockey game with kids

The Indy Fuel Ice Hockey team takes the ice at Farmer’s Coliseum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds 37 times this season! Kids love watching hockey and mine are no exception! Round up your friends and their children and take a seat, you won’t be sitting for long as the ice heats up with fun! Indianapolis ice hockey is so much fun and the perfect thing to do with your kids in our city.

  • Fans of all ages will LOVE the energy on the iceindy fuel ice hockey team with kids
  • Tickets start at $15.50
  • With 72 games in the season, you have so many opportunities to attend
  • Special promotional nights, the entertainment on the ice is just the start of a fun night.


1202 East 38th Street

Visit Indy Fuel Ice Hockey Team | Farmer’s Coliseum Fairgrounds

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