Lulu Gets a Big Girl Bed and Has a Thing for Bieber

I used to spend hours at Ikea when I was in high school. I would stretch out on the beds, sit on the couches, open the drawers and gaze at the lights. Really, I was just hoping and praying that one day I would have a house of my own to decorate in the wonderful Ikea fashion. Sadly, when I left southern California, I left behind living within 10 minutes of an Ikea and within an hour or two of several Ikea stores. At one time, the closest Ikea to Indianapolis was in Chicago (they have TWO — no fair!) but now we make the short (ha, ha) drive to Cincinnati a couple times a year for furniture, smorgasbords and other pretty things for our home.

Last week we made the two hour drive to Ikea and purchased a bunk bed that one day Lulu and Scout will share. For now it’s all Lulu’s, just for her and she loves it! The bed was somewhat easy to build but it took two of us. The price was a HUGE win for us. $150 for the frame! We already had one twin mattress. When we have a little extra money we’ll purchase the second mattress for the top bunk but we don’t need it for now.

After I posted some photos on Facebook of this milestone, many of you wanted the details about Lulu’s new bed. The twin bunk bed is called TROMSÖ which must be Swedish for “sleep” because that is what Lulu has done successfully for the past four nights! No problems at all! You can buy the bed online but it will cost you $300 in shipping. If you are going to do that, just email me and I’ll go get it for you for $250! Jay might even put it together for you for the extra 50 bucks.

Here’s a little video of the “reveal”, oh, and you might be surprised at Lulu’s taste in music.

I was not paid or compensated to write nice things about Ikea or this bed. Ikea didn’t even know or care that I was there, the above information is an honest reflection of our life and experience. All expenses were paid for out of my hard earned money from my big girl job.

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