This weekend we had a boot kickin’ time at our home for baby Lulu’s first birthday bash! I spent 8 months planning and preparing for this big day and other than the 100+ degree temps, it went off without a hitch! Lucky for me, I had so many different people who helped make this beautiful day a possibility. My family and friends were wonderful and two of my new favorite vendors were instrumental in creating an enjoyable party for all of our guests but especially the tiny ones!

Matt Kwiatkowski, the owner of Hoosier Hop was a great guy to work with when trying to figure out a way to entertain all of the kids. We were so blessed to have the princess bounce house in our front yard all day! Crazy enough, it was way cooler inside of the bounce house than our backyard! Everyone had so much fun. We allowed the adults to take over for about three minutes (that’s all they could bounce before they were completely winded) and the babies enjoyed it too! Check out Lulu’s HUGE smile!

We also had some help from Debbie at Table Tops for Tots. These adorable kid sized tables were perfect for Lulu and all of her friends to sit around and eat tiny bite sized cupcakes! Most babies have their 1st birthday cake photos taken in a high chair, not Lulu! Because of the size of these tables, she was able to be among all of her tiny friends! I’ll post some more photos and information later this week. I know this isn’t a party planning website but I really wanted to share with you some of the wonderful people in Indianapolis that we worked with and encourage you to support local businesses and local families when planning your child’s birthday party!

We recieved a discount on some of the products for our birthday bash but all of the above opinions are true and honest.

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