Making Little Seafoodies | Shopping & Cooking with Your Kids for Better Health

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Do you want to ruin your child’s day? Ask them to eat their dinner.

Dinner time in our house isn’t always my favorite time and after seeing about 25,000 memes about kids and dinner, I know I’m not alone.

We all know that fruits and vegetables are super important to incorporate into our children’s meals, but did you know that consuming seafood two or more times a week is important for the health and development of your children also? Seafood is full of OMEGA 3’s which help create healthy brains, healthy eyes and healthy kiddos overall!

I’ve learned so much about how important OMEGA 3’s are to our bodies and so I’m accepting the challenge to serve my children delicious seafood entrees two times each week. This isn’t just a month long challenge for me, this is for life. My husband and I have been working very hard on our own healthy lifestyle and this is something we’re bringing to the table in our home. We’re going to be sharing over on instagram how we’re doing, plus we have some ideas for you to create little “Seafoodies” in your home too!

Share your #littleseafoodies on Instagram and tag @indywithkids & #littleseafoodies for a chance to win a Red Lobster gift card. We’ll pick one winner on March 15, 2019 and another one on March 25, 2019.

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Tips for Making a Little Seafoodie

  1. Take them shopping with you and let them select the seafood. When I took my six and eight year old to the grocery store, they got very excited about all of the items available. We even found some prepared seafood items that they wanted to try; Tornado shrimp (shrimp wrapped in sweet potato noodles), shrimp dumplings, shrimp spring rolls and salmon in a marinade.
  2. Ask your kids for help preparing the food. The good news about seafood is that it cooks very quickly, most seafood meals are done in about 10 minutes and the preparation is also very quick!
  3. Make it totally fun and different. My eight year old helped me cook Fish el Pappilotte (basically translated to fish cooked in a paper bag). She added the flavors and items that sounded delicious to her. Survey says: “Mom, this is the best meal I ever had!”

Here are some recipes and coupons to help you get started.

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Where to Shop for Seafood in Indianapolis

I typically purchase seafood at Kroger or Meijer. They have a great selection AND the team members are willing to answer questions. Our family is starting to branch out a little but we’ve always enjoyed the tilapia from the frozen seafood section and shrimp.

Other retail locations to find fresh seafood include; Joe’s Butcher Shop & Fish Market & Caplinger’s Fresh Catch. I’ve also found a good selection at Fresh Thyme.

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