McDelivery Night In | Skip the Dishes and Order In

Moms and dads, you deserve a break. We don’t even need to give you an excuse or a reason, let’s just say it’s 2020.

Skip cooking and dishes, order in and spend more time with your family this week.

Join McDonald’s for McDelivery Night In. Drop a comment below for a chance to be gifted a prize pack that includes a $25 McDelivery gift card, plus a board game or McDonald’s puzzle and playing cards.

Enjoy family game night, courtesy of McDonald’s and McDelivery!

Get McDelivery through Uber Eats or Door Dash.

No purchase necessary. This gifting is not associated with Facebook. Entries will be accepted through November 22, 2020. Gifting recipeints will be notified via Facebook or email by November 23, 2020.

37 thoughts on “McDelivery Night In | Skip the Dishes and Order In”

  1. My two boys love getting the toys in the Happy Meals so much, they give me the side-eye when I cool dinner for them and not give them a new toy.

  2. We love trivial pursuit! Even as a kid we used to always play it as a family. We have also been enjoying “what do you meme” lately too!

  3. My two grandchildren love Old Mcdonalds as they call it. Usually a very special treat. Their mom would love it too, due to a 3 week old baby!!

  4. We love McDonald’s and board games! Candy Land is a long time favorite and Game of Life is a new one we’ve been playing.

  5. Oh my goodness would my kiddos think this was a treat! I bought them each a Lunchables this week and they were over the moon! 😉

    1. Love this, especially the encouragement of family game night! My agency promotes family game nights and educates parents in our community on how having family game nights teach kids healthy relationship skills (along with other important skills)!

  6. my kids love McDonald’s- this idea is a fun way to spend meaningful time together and for them to get their Happy Meal fix

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